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[   ]pie_4.pdf2018-05-13 04:47 128KOn theories of Indo-European expansion, Kurgans, near eastern ruling classes, Tocharians and nomads
[   ]pie_3.pdf2018-05-13 04:47 83KMore on Anatolian, Indo-European syntax, scrambling and hyperbaton
[   ]pie_2.pdf2018-05-13 04:47 109KAblaut, laryngeals, the PIE verbal and nominal systems, the uniqueness of Anatolian
[   ]pie_1.pdf2018-05-13 04:47 101KBasic, families, sound correspondences, and the sound inventory of Proto-Indo-European
[   ]pie_greek.pdf2018-05-13 04:47 79KThe phonological system of Ancient Greek, including sound correspondences, dialects and synchronic rules
[   ]pie_3_examples.pdf2018-05-13 04:47 110KExamples for week three: scrambling, poetry, multiple exponence and adpositions, other deep stuff

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