Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts

(Not actually Luke)

The LARBS are a series of shell scripts that will automatically install a fully-featured Arch Linux i3-gaps Desktop Environment, providing a perfect composite of both functionality and customizability.

Github link.

Want to know what LARBS installs and configures? Check out What's Inside of LARBS?

Want to see some screenshots of LARBS? Previews of LARBS.


In any install of Arch Linux, simply log in as the root user and run the following in the terminal:

curl -LO

This will begin a prompt and the installation after some setup. Installation time can vary depending on internet connection. Don't be worried if it takes even a little more than an hour: it's setting everything up.

You should be able to run LARBS on an already-configured system, and also other distributions that use Arch repositories, but I recommend running LARBS only on fresh Arch installations (I've never tried it myself on other distros, but it should work on a distro with pacman and access to the Arch repositories).

Learning the system is fun and easy!

You can figure out about the system in a lot of different ways:


You can also ask me questions via email at

I'll be posting updates about LARBS either on my RSS feed or on Twitter.

You do the math!