What's Inside of LARBS?

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LARBS has everything you need to have a /comfy/ Linux ricing configuration without any of the work.

Installed by Default


Programs here you won't necessarily use directly, but are important tools for other programs.

Optional installation

LaTeX Packages

If you choose this option, you'll get all LaTeX packages (texlive-most, texlive-lang), biber for references and the vim-live-latex-preview for automatic compiling.


If this option is chosen, you get Project M (a visualizer; Mod+V), cmatrix, asciiquarium, bash-pipes (terminal screensavers), screenfetch and neofetch (for posting on 4chan, duh), cli-visualizer and speedometer (for network speeds).

Other programs you can individually select

GIMP (image creator, editing program), Blender (video editor), the Libreoffice Suite (fully-featured equivalents of Word/Excel/Powerpoint, etc.), Emacs.

You can also get transmission, a torrent client, which by default, I have the terminal interface installed (Mod+F6).

There is also an option to install more complete fonts, giving you fonts for emojis, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and ancient languages.

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