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Recent releases from this month

Democracy - Rule of the NPCs
Terry Davis has died in an apparent suicide.
Albion's Seed and An Ethnic History of America
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

Linux and Operating Systems

I switched to Void Linux, wew lad...
Months of Arch Linux Updates (AUTISM PORN XXX)
Full Arch Linux Install (SAVAGE Edition!)
From Arch Linux to Parabola - How-To and System Management!
Arch Linux - Is it a meme?
After a Minimal Linux Install - Graphical Envionment and Users
Linux is the Wild West! And let it be that way! Luke Smith Southeast Linuxfest 2018
On systemd, Gentoo and Void Linux (Switching from Arch Linux)
How to choose a Linux distro - Stop Thinking!
How to Actually Get Good at GNU/Linux!

Desktop Ricing and i3-gaps

i3blocks Status Bar (RELOADED)
Comparing Arch Linux Rices (American Psycho Business Card Scene)
Linux i3 rice preview (with ranger, qutebrowser, LaTeX, the whole shebang)
i3wm Arch Linux/Parabola Workflow Preview (chill AF vid)
Pywal - Automatic Colorschemes! (I can't stop playing with this...)
Block All Ads, Tracking, Porn and Junk in One Fell Swoop!
i3 Rice Additions - ffmpeg Screencasting, Scratchpad and Transparency Fun!
i3 - Managing Windows and Webcams for screencasting
i3-gaps Setup (Nearing Perfection; August 2017)
i3 Arch Linux config and rice (DANK edition)
Dropdown Terminals and Scratchpads in i3wm!
Custom Scripts and Modules for i3blocks!


The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (NR01)
NOT RELATED! Introduction and on Luke

Scripts and scripting

Now THIS is Bash AUTISM!
This is how you do Cronjobs. (404 MEME NOT FOUND)
Don't Be a Bash BRAINLET! (Shell is all about streams!)
tfw 2 Inteligant to Configture Arch Linux (LARBS)
SCRIPTING - Virgin USB daemons vs. the Chad 20 line Bash Script
Now You Can Auto-Configure Mutt and OfflineIMAP!
Working on a email wizard for mutt and offlineIMAP configs
This One Weird Python Trick to keep all my configs in sync!
How I Manage My Website! (Offline, with vim, ssh, rsync)
Special Announcement! (COMING NOW - LARBS!)
Get My Arch Linux Ricing/Config Easy! (Smug + comfy edition)
lb - Blog System in Less Than 100 Lines of Shell Script!
Shortcut Sync for bash, ranger & qutebrowser (UPDATED)


Copy and Paste to_from Vim from_to Other Programs!
Learn Vim - Exiting, Movement, Insert mode, Basic Editing
Learn Vim - Deletion, Text Objects, Motions, Undo & Redo
vim Macros - Why and How-To!
vim and LaTeX do Ancient Rig Veda Wisdom together!
Typing Special Characters in vim - My Way!
Start Turning vim into a /comfy/ IDE!
My Dank vim & LaTeX Setup (wordcucks BTFO once again)
How vim Makes my Daily Life Easier
After Vimtutor - Some basic vim editing tips!
Vim's built-in Spell-Checker, Corrections and Multilingual Dictionaries!
Why Vim Doesn't Need the Mouse
TFW You Learn There's a Vim Mode in Bash...
A Vid in which Vim Saves Me Hours & Hundreds of Clicks


Easy Custom Formatting in LaTeX with Macro Functions!
How to Install, Use and Extend LaTeX
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love LaTeX!
LaTeX - Images, Figures, Wrapping and the Logic Behind Them
Learn LaTeX Tutorial (3) - Making Bibliographies with Biber and BibLaTeX!
Learn LaTeX Tutorial (2) - Labels, References and Lists (ordered and unordered)
Learn LaTeX Tutorial (1) - Basic Compiling, Titles, Sections, Formatting and Syntax
Making a Resume with some LaTeX Magic (Part 2)
Making a Resume with some LaTeX Magic (Part 1)
Making a Pro Presentation with LaTeX's Beamer!


On Cell Phones and Cell Phone Applications
I Hate Computers! And How the EOMA68 Can Be Better!
ThinkPad X200 vs X220 Comparison!
Purism Laptops - Good Way to go 100% Free Software
A Decent & Cheap Webcam (INTERNET FAMOUS 4 $50!)
REVIEW - Thinkpad X200 (durable beast, less than $100)
BRAINLET Luke Destroys his ThinkPad X220!!! (Press F)
How I get 3TB of Storage on My Ultra Porfigure ThinkPad!
Installing/Replacing/Repairing a Webcam on a ThinkPad!
REVIEW - ThinkPad T420 (BLAZE IT 真トわ)
Total Disassembly - Replace/Repair ThinkPad X200 Chassis, Motherboard, Wifi, RAM, SSD, etc!
Which ThinkPad Should You Get (And Libreboot notes)


Chomsky Joins us in Hell (Arizona) - No Relation!
Language as Synesthesia - Luke Smith - Consciousness and Language Seminar
Linguistics Isn't 60 Years Old! - Pāṇinian Approaches to Language
Luke writes Qualifying Paper in muh Arch Linux Rice (unixporn + Linguistics)
Quantifier Scope Is All Just Fun and Games! (Luke Smith)
The Evolution of the Ibero-Romance Irregular Imperfect - A Constraint-based analysis
Towards Biolinguistic Clarity in Generative Syntax - Luke Smith

Minimalist and Terminal applications

RANGER - the aesthetic way to manage files on Linux
Automatic Markdown Website and Résumé/CV with Pandoc
Calcurse - Your Calendar and To-Do List on Your Terminal
Great Music is Unpronounceable - ncmpcpp w/ mpd
dmenu - Your own Custom Script Menus!
ffmpeg - Making a Picture Slideshow without a Video Editor!
Easy Screencasting and Webcamming with ffmpeg in Linux
Easy, No BS Slide Presentations with SENT! (suckless)
mutt Email + OfflineIMAP and msmtp - See your email offline!
Ranger the Terminal File Manager (Going deeper into configuration)
My st (suckless terminal) Build - The Even Bester Terminal!
My mutt/neomutt email configuration and settings
SC-IM - Vim-based Terminal Spreadsheet Editor!
Selecting terminal URLs with URLview
The Easiest Way to Make Presentations! (Pandoc + Markdown)
StarDict and Sdcv for Offline Dictionaries
Why should I use terminal applications?
Uh, What are RSS feeds NEWSBOAT
URXVT is the Best Terminal. (And some configuration notes)
Imagemagick - The Thinking 🤔 Man's Image Editor
Imagemagick for CHADS! - Canvases, Plasma, Composites, Geometry

R and statistics

The Virgin LaTeX vs. the CHAD R Markdown!
An Intro to R Markdown
Stats in R - Basics of a Beefy Calculator (Tutorial and Introduction)
Basics of R Dataframes! Subsetting, Columns, Ifelse
Playing around with Basic R Functions!

Political memes

LOOK AT THIS DUDE - Nate Silver can't catch a break!
MSNBC can't into Memespeak lmao
MFW election night (Trump - The greatest Happening yet)
Vince McMahon Reacts to Getting Red-Pilled
Trump shitposting all the way to the White House
Trump 45 - When Memes Became Real

Meta and personal

A /comfy/ yet contentless video 🍆🐧🍆 (UPDATES)
Linuxfest (SELF 2018) official review
How to Go Pro on YouTube! (5K subs edition)
ANNOUNCMENTS - BitChute, Patreon, To-Do List, PaleMoon, X220
My Battlestation Preview (1/2)
Battlestation and Behind the Scenes (Part II!)
LinuxFest and X220 (Always 🐻in ⬇ ッふミ)
META - Channel Progress Report and Upcoming Content
We Have a Forum! (and on the Future!)
Did Luke died?
Convince me to use EMACS!
Mac Users - Don't Say T*rx on My Channel! (T*rxroaches BTFO)
NEWS - Arch Linux Install and Config; and X220 Repair
Why I Went 2 Years with No Internet at Home
You're not 'Autistic.' You're normal.
Yurt Camping and Hiking in Cloudland Canyon, Georgia
More to Come... (vim, LaTeX, GENTOO, Librebooting, Crowdsourcing)
Brief Vacation & Make Me a Banner for Glory!


Bad Acoustics Stream (Now w/ Superchats!) 💰 👏 🎹
Dude I friggin luv open source XD #SuchaNurd
'Source of Wisdom and Strength' GNU/Livestream
It's a GANOO SLASH Livestream!
Luke's 'IS THIS WORKING' Livestream
Luke plays Deus Ex because why not

General technology

Basic File Encryption with GPG key pairs!
qutebrowser - All the Cool Kids should try it!
Syncthing for Syncing Both Computers & Phones
Firefox - Browser Skins, vim Shortcuts and Search Keywords!
Free Software in the War against Brainlet-hood
Make the Internet Decentralized Again!
Where the Internet Failed, Bugmen Arose
Luke Appears on 'The Golden Age' Podcast
Why I can't stand to use Apple/Mac anything...
RIP in Peace, Net Neutrality
GIMP! - Basics of Image Editing and Manipulation


Block All Ads, Tracking, Porn and Junk in One Fell Swoop!
How to Learn and Get Good at Tech, Linux, Linguistics, Whatever, Everything
Some Cyberpunk Futuristic Music (Remixed from Deus Ex Pancea Boss Mix)
SANIC and Banjo ratce fasts
Rare Pepe Collection (526 PEPES; DO NOT STEAL!!!) (made with ffmpeg)


GOTTA BOOT FAST - Booting with Libreboot and an SDD (Thinkpad x200 and t420)
Install Libreboot on X60/T60 ThinkPads (muh freedumbs edition)
The Recent Libreboot/Leah Rowe Drama (le ebin SJW clickbait lmao!!!)

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