The address book.

Why let Google or Apple keep your contacts? Keep an archive on your computer and export them when you need them. Abook is a minimal and local store of your contacts, including emails, phone numbers, addressess and whatever you might need. Abook integrates with neomutt’s autofill as well and you can script more functionality into it.


man abook


Press super + shift + e or run abook in the terminal.


Thankfully, abook is self-documenting: press ? at any time to see its binds. Here are some of the most common:


Using with email
abook works out of the box with neomutt. In neomutt, when you compose a new message, if you press tab, neomutt will automatically tab-complete from your abook contacts.
Using telephone numbers
There are some services that offer computer-based calling. Since abook can export a list of contacts with data, you can use programs like dmenu to select one you want:
abook --convert --infile ~/.abook/addressbook --outformatstr="\!{name} {mobile}" --outformat=custom  | dmenu -i -l 30

This can easily be integrated into a script.